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My Story

Hi. I’m Matt and I’d like to share my journey of learning and understanding with you.



In 2017 I was sentenced to 5 years in prison for what felt like to me, to be the worst crime in history! I had been accused of sexual activity by a GCSE student I had taught and even though I had to, quote my barrister,I had ‘been a horrible shit’ to those around me, I had not committed the offences I was charged with. Six months earlier I had stood trial for the same offence and been found not guilty with a hung jury. In most countries this would have been the end of the matter but here in England the prosecution have the right to decide. They had ‘spent too much money’ on trying to convict me and after I had turned down the ‘deals’ they offered, a re-trial was ordered and a guilty verdict found.


My life was in pieces, in the year that followed, as well as being imprisoned, I lost my job, my home, my partner and worst of all, I was taken away from my daughter. She was 3 at the time and I remember the last day of my trial like it was yesterday. She came to the door and gave me a big hug. I kiss her goodbye and said ‘I’ll see you tonight sweetheart, love you’. I felt sure I would see her that night, I was innocent and innocent people don’t go to Jail – not in the UK. I thought I had proven I didn’t have any indecent images, I’d never had any! The police had had all my electronic devices for 18 months, they’d been through everything, they’d been to Canada and received the data from the messaging company showing that I hadn’t sent or received anything of this nature and although I couldn’t physically prove I hadn’t touched her, I knew I hadn’t! The British justice system is the best in the world, I thought, it wont convict and innocent man. I was wrong.The problem was I was in the most difficult place to make a change. Surrounded by anger, violence, aggression, crime and drugs.


I was facing 3 options 1) become a career criminal, 2) change my mindset or 3) suicide.


I did however have a degree in coaching science, I had studied (and taught) psychology and I knew from the soul searching I had done, I wasn’t a bad person, more a good person that had made bad decisions, so I set about coaching myself back to normality. 


I couldn’t do this on my own, I knew my brain wouldn’t let me access the deep and meaningful, yet potentially damaging questions I needed to ask, in order to change my mindset. The brain is and amazing computer if it senses that something maybe damaging to your survival it’ll block it out for protection. I had to be asked the questions or at least given them to read and force my brain into action. I had heard about ‘courses’ in the prison. A set of psychological programs, prescribed by the prison to rehabilitate people with a sexual conviction. They were really taboo, no one really spoke of them and there was also little or no information given about them other than ‘only “wrong’uns” have to do courses’. Well, I had done wrong! and I needed some help to understand why.


There were a couple of characteristics I possessed that I had been determined not to loose. I had always been hard working and always resilient in the face of adversity. I didn’t give up. Throughout my time in prison there were only two people I would trust, thats not to say everyone in prison is untrustworthy or bad, far from it, there are very few people that are ‘truly bad’ but I wasn’t there to make friends or to have an easy ride. One of the guys I trusted had been selected for this course. After explaining my predicament, he kindly agreed that when the work sheets were handed out, he would take two copies of everything and at the end of each day before bang up he would go through the days course material and the questions they had been asked. Each night I’d go back to my cell and coach my self to a new mindset. The course was so insightful I don’t think there’s a soul on earth that wouldn’t benefit from taking a course like that.

Vehicle for change

The first wasn’t an option. Although I was given plenty of advice, had new associate that were prepared to teach me all there was to know about the underworld, I knew I wouldn’t last 5 minutes and so did they. The last wasn’t an option either.I had a daughter who needed her father a loving family and a great circle of supportive friends but being locked in a box all day your mind can take you to some very dark places, I discuss how to deal with these in me e-book (just click the free down load).

I will never let a conviction I don’t deserve define mine, and neither should you! I understand how overwhelming a label can be, the fear that come with it and the adjustments in life you have to make. There were times I thought; I’d never see my daughter again, never work again, never have a relationship, that I’d be lonely and have to hide in the shadows. I can promise you now it doesn’t have to be like that. So long as you’re a decent person, acknowledge your failings and have a desire for a happy successful life. I can help you develop the mindset, confidence and structure you need to let go of the past and move forward in the most fulfilling way. When there’s so much happy living in front of you DON’T LET THE PAST DEFINE YOU! - 


To Show you how and to start your journey on the road to success, I’m offering a free discovery call, without time limit(within reason of course- remember how important sleep cycles are!) We can discuss everything that is holding you back and make a plan that will help you take back your life. It will be my pleasure to speak with you, serve you and see you achieve. Book a call today and let’s get started. Remember its easy to to hold yourself back, ‘I’ll consider it, I’ll do it tomorrow’ but nothing will change until you take action, booking a call today wont cost you a penny, it wont make anything worse and will definitely start to improve your situation. Now really is the time to take action- book a call today and thank yourself for taking the time to care about your future.

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