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About Matt

Exploring the depths of my personal journey would extend beyond the confines of this page. However, I invite you to delve deeper into my story through a complimentary ebook, which provides a comprehensive understanding of my experiences. For now, let me share the unvarnished truths and realities.

Crushed by Life's Turmoil:
A Journey Unveiled

In the year 2016, my life was irreversibly shattered. As a dedicated GCSE student whom I had the privilege of teaching, levied a false accusation of sexual misconduct against me. Regrettably, for a period of three months, I foolishly engaged in personal messaging with this student through my personal mobile device. While I must accept responsibility for my unprofessional conduct, the magnitude of the repercussions that ensued was disproportionate. Subsequently, I found myself facing charges at a police station, compelled to surrender all electronic devices and provide a statement, vehemently asserting my innocence against the grave allegation.

Incarcerated Against All Odds:
A Profound Ordeal

Law enforcement spent 18 months investigating my electronic presence but found no incriminating evidence.

Despite the prosecution's expectations, I was brought to trial. Surprisingly, the jury acquitted me of one charge, but they couldn't reach a unanimous decision on the remaining charges, resulting in no definitive verdict.

Despite the initial trial's outcome, the police organized a second trial and offered to reduce the charges if I admitted to a single charge of kissing the student. They promised a suspended sentence as part of the deal. However, I firmly rejected the offer, choosing not to compromise my integrity by committing perjury.

The following trial was marred by disturbing circumstances: a serving police officer was part of the jury, and crucial defense evidence and any mention of the initial trial were suppressed. Despite the lack of tangible evidence, the jury declared me guilty based on fabricated testimony from a former colleague—an incomprehensible verdict that remains inexplicable.

Subsequently, I endured an agonising period of over two years of wrongful imprisonment, a harrowing ordeal that continues to haunt me deeply.

In the face of such circumstances, various entities, including authorities and media, relentlessly strive to brand individuals like myself as irredeemable. For the authorities, it presents an opportunity to cultivate a positive public perception, showcasing their ability to protect society from perceived threats. Meanwhile, the media capitalizes on sensationalism, with more captivating stories drawing greater attention.

Consequently, I found myself thrust into the depths of an abhorrent environment—our prison system, devoid of any semblance of solace. Within its confines, danger, violence, anger, and animosity permeate the atmosphere, enveloping one's existence. Faced with this bleak reality, I was left with three choices: succumb to a life of crime, undergo a profound transformation in mindset, or contemplate the unthinkable, suicide.

Honesty compels me to acknowledge that I devoted considerable thought to each option, with unflinching honesty and without harbouring any shame.

A Catalyst for Transformation: Navigating Adversity

An Unwavering Commitment:
Personal Growth


Over a span of thirty years, I devoted myself to the betterment of society, consistently upholding principles of support and integrity. Unfortunately, a brief three-month period led me astray, resulting in a significant mistake that completely disrupted my life. However, in the midst of this turmoil, I acknowledged that the second option, a transformative path, aligned with my fundamental values.


Equipped with a degree in coaching science and an extensive background in teaching and studying psychology, I firmly grasped my inherent goodness—a truth ingrained within me. Driven by an unwavering belief in my potential, I embarked on a self-coaching journey, endeavouring to restore my reality and rediscover the person I had always been.

Recognizing the necessity for external support, I sought assistance from the prison system, requesting enrollment in a course that could shed light on the reasons behind my momentary lapse. Disappointingly, I was deemed "low risk" and consequently denied access to the course or any form of support.

Undeterred, I managed to obtain the course materials and delved deep into introspection within the confines of my cell. Night after night, I unravelled my thoughts, revisited my past, and confronted the traumatic experiences that had contributed to my detour.

Despite the hardships I faced, my innate desire to aid others remained steadfast. Thus, I engaged in the role of a listener, collaborating with the Samaritans to provide solace to those grappling with their own darkness during their most trying moments.

Upon my release from prison, I embarked on a journey of further self-improvement. I pursued qualifications as a counsellor, subsequently advancing to become an accredited coach through the Coaching Masters—the pinnacle of coaching platforms globally, renowned for its comprehensive development programs.

In the aftermath of my own conviction, a new purpose emerged, to guide and empower individuals across the globe who have endured the hardships of wrongful convictions, unfounded accusations, injustices, or life crises. Through my coaching practice, I facilitate profound shifts in perspective, enabling individuals to harness their inner strength and unlock their full potential.

My mission is to support clients in realizing their goals, embracing their aspirations, and embarking on a path that leads to a life of fulfilment and purpose. Drawing upon a wealth of experience, I offer transformative guidance, helping individuals navigate the complexities of their circumstances and empowering them to overcome adversity.

With a focus on personal growth, resilience, and self-discovery, I provide a safe and supportive environment for clients to explore their unique journeys. Through tailored strategies and techniques, I assist in fostering a positive mindset, cultivating resilience, and embracing the opportunities that lie ahead.

Together, we embark on a transformative journey, one that transcends the limitations imposed by past experiences—allowing clients to redefine their lives, rewrite their narratives, and embrace the extraordinary possibilities that await.

Rebuilding Lives:
Empowering Transformation & Resilience


Unlocking Your Path: 
Happiness & Freedom

Seize this opportunity & let us embark on a transformative journey together.

Your future awaits!

Book your call now & take the first step towards a life of purpose and fulfilment.

I am truly passionate about the work I do, whether it's captivating audiences from the stage or guiding individuals through personalized coaching programs. The fulfillment and joy that my work brings me are surpassed only by the immense happiness I experience as a father.

I refuse to allow the conviction I received to define who I am. Instead, I am committed to continuous growth, learning, and understanding as I navigate my own path and embrace the blessings life has bestowed upon me. Discovering my own happiness, freedom, and purpose has been a transformative journey, and now, I am dedicated to helping you find yours.


I recognize that embarking on this journey alone is virtually impossible. Our minds, remarkable as they are, tend to shield us from asking the difficult questions that demand honest answers. That's why I am here to offer my support. As a first step, I would like to provide you with a complimentary copy of my e-book. This resource will serve as a valuable guide as you begin to explore your own path to personal growth.


Furthermore, I invite you to schedule a confidential discovery call. During this call, we will delve into your unique situation and collaboratively develop a plan to move forward. There are no costs or time limits associated with this call. It is an opportunity for you to seek the help and guidance you need, while allowing me to determine the best way I can assist you. It's important to remember that not all partnerships are suited for everyone, and I value the importance of finding the right fit for your specific needs.


I understand that decision-making can be challenging. It may be tempting to postpone action and defer important choices to another day. However, it is vital to recognize that tomorrow never truly arrives unless you step out of your comfort zone and take decisive action. Without proactive measures, your problems may persist, your dreams may remain unfulfilled, and hope may slowly wane.


The time for action is now. I encourage you to book a call using the link provided below. By doing so, you are not only demonstrating your commitment to a brighter future but also rewarding yourself for caring about your own personal growth and well-being.

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